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Meet The Team:

Matt: Owner and Life Long Water Lover

This would be me. I started SUP boards review with just the passion and pleasure in mind. I like reading good quality sites with relevant information and stuff that I would actually buy myself. This is what I base this site on. Your experience means a lot to me and the site will be forever changing to accompany that.

I grew up surfing in the Northwest and have always loved being in or around water. I also am a health and fitness fanatic which lead me to the love of paddle boarding and all it offers to so many people. Just about anyone can enjoy stand up paddle boarding no matter their age, height or weight. It is so versatile in so many ways and the health benefits are tremendous!

I look forward to incorporating more health aspects in the future on this site. We are just getting off the ground and look forward to the growth over this next year. I hope you will enjoy your stay and be sure to browse our reviews as well as any sales or coupons we may be offering now or in the future. We also have a list of great paddle boards and pedal boards that we offer here on the site.


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Anna: Writer and Water Sport Enthusiast

Anna is our main content writer and has grown up playing in and around water all of her life. Naturally this would lead to the love of paddle boarding and all things SUP related. This includes SUP surfing, leisure paddling, racing, SUP yoga, and now a heavy interest in stand up pedal boarding. Don’t let her looks fool you, she means business when it comes to water sports!