Affordable Stand Up Paddle Boards For Sale

Stand Up Paddle Boards for People On a Budget

One of the fasting growing sports is stand up paddle boarding. With the discovery of the enjoyment of a successful ride, more and more people want to experience paddle boarding. The problem is that most paddle boards are too expensive for a test run. The solution is these five affordable stand up paddle boards which are available for under $400.

PaddleBoardLengthBoard WeightWeight LimitOverall RatingPrice
Aqua Marina Breeze9'9"18 pounds220 pounds$$
Ancheer10'32 pounds350 pounds$$
DDM Inflatable10'6"27 pounds300 pounds$$
Lifetime Free Style Multi-Sport9'8"40 pounds220 pounds$$
Vilano Journey SUP Board9'9"22 pounds200 pounds$$

Aqua Marina Breeze Inflatable Paddle Board

This board is perfect for paddle boarding in a river or lake. Medium surf on the ocean is no problem for this board. These boards are surprisingly stable which allows an individual to practice yoga poses or do stretches. Each of these boards has D-rings for a kayak seat. This paddle board comes with the board, pump, paddle, and a case to carry it.


  • Pump allows the whole body to be used instead of just arms or legs
  • Has a traction pad with grooves
  • Easy to carry


  • Some may want a more durable board
  • Too lightweight

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a picture of an Ancheer paddle board

Ancheer 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This paddle board is excellent for two people or a person and a dog. However, a person should remember to follow the weight capacity limit. It is even possible to fish from this board. The deck is large with a non-slip surface. The PVC material is durable and can handle rocks and rapids. This Ancheer comes with the SUP board, paddle, pump, and a backpack.


  • High quality materials
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Great for a first time user


  • Weighs more than other boards
  • May be hard to carry

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Because of the design of multiple layers of this board, it becomes extremely hard when it is inflated. The board is 6″ thick and durable which means it can easily hold a boarder up to 300 pounds. This set comes with the board, paddle, tall-style pump, backpack, and a repair kit.


  • Made with a 3 ply PVC material
  • Durable
  • Paddle is adjustable
  • Heavier weights is not a problem
  • As hard as a traditional board when inflated correctly


  • Heavier than most boards
  • May be hard to carry

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a picture of a lifetime freestyle paddleboard

Lifetime Freestyle Multi-Sport Paddle Board

This board comes with a five-year warranty offered by Lifetime. This board is 35.5″ wide which offers a large, stable area for exercising, yoga posing, and a variety of other activities. Being 6″ thick, it also can support heavier weights. The design of this paddle board allows it to track through the water smoothly.


  • Made from high density polyethylene
  • UV protected
  • Leash can attach through loop
  • Molded fins for calm/flat water
  • Foam padding for great traction


  • Can be extremely hard to carry due to weight and size
  • May require another person to get it in the water

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a picture of a vilano journey inflatable sup

Vilano Journey SUP Board

This board can provide a similar experience to a traditional non-inflatable board when inflated correctly. It can also withstand severe conditions and a variety of uses. The grip section of this board is the best out of the five available on this list. This board also comes with a one year warranty offered by the manufacturer. It comes with the collapsible paddle, pump, board, and backpack.


  • Made from high quality PVC material
  • Stable
  • Great design
  • Outstanding grip section


  • Can be hard to inflate due to higher PSI

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This list should make it easy to join the fun. These boards make paddle boarding available to everyone including those with tighter budgets. One thing to remember is that prices are continually changing, but a person should still be able to find an affordable board and have an enjoyable ride.

Overall Review
  • Affordable Paddle Boards


Sometimes buying things just comes down to affordability. We hear “Paddleboard” and typically think expensive. Well as we have shown, this is not always the case. There are plenty of solid entry level SUPs out there for very reasonable prices.

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