Bote Paddle Board Review

When it comes to making paddle boards, BOTE stands out to be an incredibly famous company. It’s well-known to design both rigid and inflatable boards. The company also makes kayaks, inflatable docks, boats, and many water sports accessories.

Their assortment is massive. This guide will review the best Bote paddle boards you can find on the market today. We’ll also give an overview of the entire collection.

BOTE Paddle Board Review

Bote Flood Aero

1. Bote Flood Aero

This Bote paddle board is suitable for all intents and purposes. That’s what makes it best than any other SUPs you can find in this lineup. So, Bote Flood Aero is an excellent option for boarders looking for a unit that’s incredibly functional and solid.

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Bote Flood Aero paddle board is 11-inch long, making it an excellent option for many paddle boarders. It offers a remarkable speed that any boat rider would desire.

Besides, it doesn’t compromise its ability to maneuver and turn it around. This paddleboard will never disappoint you. It glides with ease on the water surface without any weight issues or noticeable drag that would otherwise slow you down.

Moreover, this SUP has excellent stability thanks to its 32-inch width. It also has a flat bottom and strengthened rails for effortless performance. Bate Flood Aero will give you the best performance on relatively rough water surfaces.

Special Features

Bote is well-known to offer impressive onboard features. That’s because they aim to make your fishing efficient other than paddle boarding. This makes this line of iSUP the best than any other lineup that the market offers. The features include:

BVA deck padIt’s a super comfortable pack designed to give you ample space to sit or stand on the deck for long periods. Besides that, this feature shields you from any water that may splash onto the deck.

  • Sports 3 Grab Handles – These are found on the deck’s middle part to necessitate transportation on the land. You can also find these handles at the tail and nose sections. These allow for easy movement of the deck in and out of the water.
  • Accessory Integration Systems – This paddleboard has two attachment points towards the back parts. These points allow you to connect a fish finder, GoPro, or even a rod holder. Also, you’ll find both sides with attachments for the Travelink strap. The board’s right side has a paddle holder.
  • D-Rings – These are reinforced for accommodating heavier cooler on the deck without fear about it sliding around.


This paddleboard is available in 4 different design packages. These include:

  • Native Floral: This features a solid Hawaiian vibe, including a faux wood top fitted with flowers on the nose.
  • Full Trax Lime: It has stripes with lime green accents along the deck.
  • Native Serape: Inspired by the Southern Western innate American color schemes, the nose and deck are stripped.
  • Full Trax Navy: It’s similar to the Lime, but the accents are in navy blue.

Asides from that, the board has:

  • A flat base for additional balance.
  • An entry rocker nose that helps shed water for easy movement.
  • Large removable center fin for extra storage.
  • Customizable and comes with all the accessories.


Bote’s Aero line of iSUPs boasts a high-quality and military-grade PVC construction. Unlike most iSUPs, this paddle board is only made of a single layer. That’s because it features different construction models.

Here, Bote uses a unique system that fills the board’s inner parts with a composite material. Such material construction makes the paddleboard hard and durable.


  • Adequate storage space
  • Multipurpose paddleboard
  • Suitable for various water types
  • Rac Receivers offer extra functionality


  • Backpack can’t store all gear
  • One layer construction
  • Costly

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Bote HD Aero

2. Bote HD Aero

Besides the fin setup and deck pads, this paddle board boasts a whole new set of features. It comes with anchor systems and fishing rigs. These can make HD Aero super functional.

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Bote HD Aero boasts everything that makes it an all-around paddle board. It’s very stable and moves with ease on the water surface, thanks to the extra expansive bottom deck. Therefore, you can use it as a fishing boat without any worries about feeling shaky.

While HD Aero isn’t the fastest in the lineup, it has excellent maneuverability. That’s obvious with its quite longboard. One of the best boards in the Bote’s Aero lineup is designed to suit small surf and choppy water.

Special Features

  • BVA foam pad makes the board super comfy and great for removing water that lands on the deck.
  • 3 Grab Handles: Middle handle allows you to carry the board over to the land. The back and front handle helps you move the board in and out of the water. Plus, you can attach it to the dock.
  • Accessory Integration systems: 2 attachment points are towards the deck’s back for attaching a fish finder, GoPro, or rod holder.
  • Two d-rings (cooler tie-downs): found on the front part allows a bulkier cooler on the board without slippage.

Board Design

This paddle board is available in 5 different designs grouped into three packs. The first group has a full deck pad. Besides, it encompasses the Full Trax packages and Full Trax Crimson.

The second group features a central deck pad, a paddle holder, and a SandSpear sheath. It also includes 2 Bug Slinger models.

The final group involves the classic board and includes the middle pad. However, it excludes the features provided in group two.

Additionally, the HD Aero paddleboard has:

  • An entirely flat base for additional balance
  • An entry rocker nose for shading water and enable it to get through choppy water easily.
  • The underneath part has a 3-fin setup, with the large fin at the center being removable for more accessible storage.
  • The 6-point bungee storage system has 6 D-rings at the front and 4 D-rings at the back, which offers more storage space for gear, snacks, etc.


Besides the quality military grade PVC composition, the Bote HD Aero board has a single latter construction. This board gets its robustness from the various layers of PVC material that Bote uses.

In addition, the brand uses an intelligent system that adds more composite material inside the board. This makes it a rigid board that will last for years. It’s inflatable. That is why an air pump is included.


  • Ultra-long and comprehensive for more stability
  • Available in elegant designs
  • Many additional features
  • Dual air chambers make it stronger.


  • Low-quality accessories
  • Quite costly
  • Heavy board limits easy usage

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Bote Traveller Areo

3. Bote Traveller Aero

Every time you discuss Bote’s paddle boards, you’ll guess that it comes with many features and add-ons that make it ideal for fishing. With Bote Traveller Aero, that’s very true. It’s the best performing board in many other areas rather than just fishing.

This board is long and beautiful yet dangerously fast. It combines its vast range of features you can find in many other boards. Therefore, you can expect to get a unique board that’ll take you to many places quickly and too long trips on the water.

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Bote is best known for its rich features, add-ons, and other extra accessories. This explains why their iSUP lineup is offering remarkable performance. But, the Bote Traveller Aero is the fastest paddleboard of all the brand’s collections.

In addition, it perfectly glides on the surface water with utmost ease. Its length and entry rocket nose design make it easy to handle greater amounts of choppy water without any flaws.

For increased speed, this board has an extended length and thinned width. Unfortunately, the latter may cause several hindrances to the rider who’s a novice. Similarly, the extended length may make it harder for the border to make turns than shorter boards.


  • 3 Grab Handles: Front and back grab handles help you move the board through the water. They also allow you to attach a leash or connect to the dock. The middle handle makes it easier to carry the board over the land.
  • Accessory Integration Systems: This board has two attachment points closer to the deck’s back. These points allow you to connect a rod holder, a fish finder, or a GoPro.
  • 2 Cooler tie-downs: These involve free reinforced D-rings that can firmly accommodate heavier cooler systems.

Board Design

Most Bote paddleboards offer various options for color patterns. As with the Traveller Aero, you can expect to find:

  • Native: It has mainly lime green theme
  • Classic designs: This uses faux wood.

Regardless of the design, both boards are super elegant and can accentuate the deck’s long appearance.

Its bottom part is entirely flat. This offers additional balance to the rider and considering that it’s a skinny board, this is good news.

The entry rocket nose design sheds water off the deck. Plus, it makes it easier for the board to drive through choppy water.

A 3-fin set up on the boards underneath allows for versatility. You can remove the large fan at the center to allow for easy storage. Alternatively, this feature will enable you to enjoy additional speed and maneuverability than what a single fin setup offers.


One of the many unique things with Bote’s aero lineup of paddleboards is the quality military-grade PVC. As with Travellers board, you’ll find it with a single layer of construction rather than double, triple, or quadrat layers most iSUPs have. For many other brands, this would be considered a low-quality paddleboard.

But that’s not the case here. Bote uses a different and unique construction model. Rather than making a board with multiple layers of PVC material, they use a unique system that adds composite material inside the board, making it hard and solid.


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Bote Rackham Aero

4. Bote Rackham Aero

This is a highly stable iSUP you can find on the market. It is also strong and can support a maximum weight of 400 pounds with ease. So if you’re looking for a paddleboard for overnight SUP expeditions or fishing, the Bote Rackham Aero lineup should be the best option.

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Rackham Aero features a BVA foam padding that helps remove water that enters the deck. You can also expect it to be very comfy. With the 3 grab handles, you’ll find it easier to move this board.

The handle at the center enables you to carry the board while on the land. Besides, the handles at the front and rear sides allow for easy movement. This could be either in or outside the water and even connected to the dock.

This iSUP is incredibly stable, and it can support heavy weights of about 400 pounds. This makes it an excellent choice for larger paddlers. You can also use it for fishing and even overnight SUP expeditions that need plenty of gear.


Rackham comes in three design styles:

  • Bug Slinger Sunset
  • Classic style
  • Verge Camo style

The way these versions are decorated is the differentiating factor between these design styles. Still, they’ll have a similar price.

Other than that, this board has a flat bottom to offer more balance to the rider. The upturned nose design sheds off the water on the deck and makes it easier for you to drive through the choppy water.


It is made up of quality grade PVC. It is also made of a single layer compared to other iSUPs with 2, 3, and sometimes 4. The reason behind this is that they have a more robust and utterly different construction structure.

Inflating this SUP can be necessary because of the general volume present in it. By this, there are 2 present air compartments in that board. They are situated at the front and back of the board. This is advantageous because you can put air in one and worry about inflating the other one. After all, it acts as a supplementary. This is a unique feature of this board that distinguishes it from the others.


  • Large-sized board
  • Incredibly stable than most boards out there
  • Super comfortable
  • Offers more excellent storage and gear space


  • Very expensive iSUP
  • Pretty heavy gear and board

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Bote Breeze Aero


The most modern beautiful, and innovative type of iSUPs is Bote.BOTE Breeze Aero is the most recommended because it has unique features and no bells Bote is famous for.

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The most remarkable thing to keep in mind when using ISUP is the more the weight, the slower the pace, and vice versa. Therefore, we should never forget that breeze aero with less weight, becomes light hence applying less energy.

In addition, Bote Breeze Aero can tolerate waters with solid waves making it safe for any weather condition. This makes everyone feel comfortable regardless of the time.

The other advantageous thing about Bote Breeze Aero is that it has a 3-fin set up compared to others with one fin setup. This means that it can multitask. It can turn faster with less energy and manage straight tracking as well.


The most important features include;

An additional pump that makes it easy to enter in 10 minutes.

  • 3 fin set up with a 2 side fin that is adjustable and promotes a higher speed once it is in the course of movement.
  • 3 Grab handles one at the central part of the board that helps in motion. The handle on the nose makes it easier to enter the water and move out of it. Additional Back grab handle that functions the same as the hand on the nose
  • Two D rings along the rails are essential in moving the board in long distances. This makes it admirable because it also functions as Travelink Sling.
  • Customary Pad, which is present on the deck. This enables your dog to hang out with you comfortably for more extended hours before barking. You can also do other activities, including yoga and other fitness exercises.
  • Side Rails that maintain a solid and lovely feeling. This comes about because it offers a great thickness.
  • 6 point bungee storage area where one can place some extra or essential stuff.

Board design

Its designs are not only beautiful but also elegant. The basic designs are;

  • Classic design. It is made up of faux wood and partially metallic sides.
  • Native floral design. This one has an admirable tropical flower designed on its nose and highlights a lighter color scheme. Its texture alone is like a honeycomb form of material that creates a sense of strength.


Generally, you can see the quality of a board depending on the number of layers it has. The brand uses military-grade PVC material. The cheapest board is said to be having only one layer of material. However, quality SUP has one layer and also has an affordable price.

This is because the strength of this SUP does not come from many layers of sheet. But from the lattice structure that supports inside and comes to be more robust when inflated. Bote makes AreoUltra technology in use hence helpful in making the SUP strong while keeping the weight low.


  • Has admirable and beautiful designs
  • It’s has a good size since it’s a little bit large.
  • It’s durable because of its robust construction.
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • Has only one layer of PVC
  • It has no bungee storage area

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Included Accessories

Bote makes all of its paddleboards and iSUPs with versatility in mind. You’ll find all of their lineups with many add-on features that make it super-efficient and functional than any other brand on the market. Below are the included accessories you can find in all Bote’s paddleboards:

  • 3-Piece Fiberglass Paddle: Most paddles have lightweight yet solid materials. This makes it easier for you to dismantle and assemble and fast adjust to fit your needs.
  • Aero Bag: This makes the paddleboard easy and comfortable to store or carry around.
  • Detachable Center Fin: Offers more storage space. You can also use your board in shallow waters with utmost ease.
  • Hand pump: For inflating the paddleboard on site.
  • Rac Receivers: Attachment points found at the deck’s back for attaching rack accessories
  • Repair kit: Comes with everything to enable you to make minor repairs to your board in case of rips or tears.
  • Paddle Sheath: It’s a net feature that proves the board is a hard one. This allows you to store your paddle quickly by the blade.

Add-on Accessories

  • Travelink sling: It facilitates connection to the 2 D-rings on the board’s either side. Plus, it allows you to ride for longer distances.
  • Onyx inflatable lifejacket: It’s a compact lifejacket that has a CO2 cartridge to offer buoyancy.
  • Aeropump: It’s a high-electric air pump that can use a battery or cigarette lighter as its power source.
  • Tackle Rac: This attachment connects with the rac receivers faster and effortlessly.
  • Bucket Race: Offers more storage space for refreshments, fish bait, and many others.
  • KULA cooler: It’s a cooler system offered as 2.5 and 5-gallon tank models. Plus, it features soft and hard materials.

Where to Buy BOTE Paddle Board

Which paddle board from BOTE impresses you? You have the answer. The next thing you’ll need to do is head to BOTE’s website, where you’ll choose your favorite line of iSUP boards. They offer affordable prices, excellent sales, and remarkable customer support. You’ll also enjoy a free shipment option.

BOTE’s Warranty Detail

All Aero paddleboards offered by BOT have one-year warranty coverage for all manufacturing defects. When you purchase a new iSUP and find it with flaws, you’ll need to fill BOTE’s online warranty registration form before the end of 30 days from the date of original purchase to activate the warranty. It’s advisable to keep your sales receipt after purchasing as sometimes you’ll be required to provide proof of purchase.

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