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How To Get Started With a Beloved Hawaiian Pastime: FlatWater Paddle Boards

Flatwater paddle boarding is a great way to enjoy your time outdoors. It’s also a nice and invigorating means to loosen up and play in the water. The activity provides a great full body work out as well. It’s a well-recognized cross-training hobby for many athletes nowadays, and the activity grants a way to feat your eyes on the views of the horizon standing outstretched on a body of water.

After in-depth studies, the results revealed that stand up paddle boarding is primarily used by most people as a way to exercise. It’s not a surprise as these people go straight out to buy a board as this hobby is fairly simple to get started in. The only thing it requires is the capacity to stand and keep your balance with a moderate level of conditioning to begin. This helps beginners achieve a feeling of accomplishment straight away. It’s impressive how quickly and efficiently your stabilizing muscles are built up at the same time. The extra benefit to me is just being out in nature. The time spent paddling on a peaceful lake on a nice summer evening is priceless.

The current stats show that paddle boarding has progressed in the 90s through the start of the 2000s. It’s also good to note that it has become one of the highest increasing hobby of just about any sport. That is saying a lot, and the more it grows, the more new people are getting involved.

a picture of what to expect from paddle boardingWhat You Can Expect From SUPing

Distance paddling and flatwater paddling is becoming more and more of an ordinary sight, so the hobby is attracting new people all the time. Even though paddle boarding has been available for many years, it hasn’t become extensively available up until the year 2000. Nowadays, if you head down to the lake, it’s not uncommon to see a group of kids boarding around or a family enjoying a day of paddling, or an elderly couple cruising around the lake with comfort and ease. Or, it is possible that you may even see a paddle competition! Who wouldn’t want to participate in a sport like this? SUPing (stand up paddle boarding) presently spreads to a vast variety of groups and caters to all kinds of people just looking to get out into nature and on the open water.

Ask anyone who paddle boards and you’ll hear responses such as awesome, fun, simple, or maybe even spiritual! If you ask, they may tell you that it’s a fantastic means of soaking up nature, and due to the reason that you’ll need to stand up, you’ll be able to see much more amazing things that can’t be viewed while seated on a boat. This chance for fantastic views is usually the initial benefit that newcomers experience.

 Where Did Paddle Boarding Start?

The root of flatwater paddle boarding is related to the same origins as some other boarding activities, which is Hawaii. This means paddle boarding has deep roots with other old ancestors. These days, it’s been growing to new heights with a lot of surf coaches and photographers.

Paddle boarding fundamentally makes use of a surfboard and an oar. It’s basically a way of combining canoeing and surfing. The reason the sport got so popular is due to the fact that Laird Hamilton took it to a new level and made it main stream. These days, Paddling isn’t solely meant for surfing. Paddle boarding is fun in many more forms such as lakes which support beach paddling, wide open paddling, surfing waves, and flatwater paddling.

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What Different Types Of Paddle Boards Are There?

There are a lot of different activities for utilizing a paddle board. Among these, one might just cruise some open water, do some sup touring, do a little paddle board fly fishing, compete in some races, discover new areas, attend SUP aerobics classes or try some SUP yoga. Although you may want to go straight to your local shop and get the best looking or maybe the most affordable board, there are a few more choices to consider before you get started in your new adventure to become a paddle boarder.

There are many factors that will influence the price of any kind of paddle board you may be looking at. It’s pretty safe to say that a quality crafted board is going to cost you more money. Keep in mind that a higher quality board is extra effective for people at intermediate and experienced skill levels.

A Few Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tips

The following are a few tips which newcomers can use for help. Once you choose to become a skilled flatwater paddle boarder, you’ll want to stop by a store in the area that you live and try a board as a rental for the first couple classes. It can be a great idea to rent multiple boards from different makers so you can get a better idea which board fits you best. Make sure to ask for any discounts they may be having or check out our top rated paddle boards blog for any special paddle board pricing or SUP sales.

Be sure to check out our other SUP reviews and paddle boarding tips for more information and deals before you go out and buy anything.

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