Hobie Mirage iEclipse Inflatable Stand Up Pedal Board


For the best paddling experience, Hobie Mirage iEclipse inflatable stand up pedal boards are available. High-quality materials used in the construction of these boards guarantee their durability and float-ability.


Hobie Mirage iEclipse Inflatable Stand Up Pedal board

Hobie's New Design

The Hobie Mirage iEclipse’s inflatable design is one of its most distinctive qualities. Due to the board’s deflatable nature and ability to be packed up in a small bag, storage and transit are made simple. It also means that the board can be quickly inflated to the proper stiffness, making it suitable for use in a variety of water environments.

In addition, the Hobie Mirage iEclipse has a stand-up pedal system that lets users use their legs to push themselves through the water. This gives you a low-impact workout and improves your control and stability on the board.


Hobie Mirage iEclipse Inflatable Stand Up Pedalboard

Hobie IEclipse Features

The Hobie Mirage iEclipse is furnished with both a stand-up pedal system and a MirageDrive pedal system. This enables effortless glide over the water and can be used with the stand-up pedals to improve paddling efficiency.

Some Features Include The Following:

    • Features Hobie’s MirageDrive GT
    • 2-Piece Removable Handlebar
    • High-Grip EVA Standing Pads
    • Removable Rudder System
    • Rolling Storage Bag with Extension Handle
    • High-Pressure Hand Pump & High-Volume Electric Pump


Hobie Mirage Eclipse paddle board

The Original Hobie Eclipse

Hobie also made with safety in mind is the Hobie Mirage Eclipse. It has a non-slip deck pad that makes it possible to stand on it even in slick circumstances. It is also highly visible in orange, making it simpler to identify on the water.

Hobie IEclipse Inflatable Pedal Board


For paddlers of all skill levels, the Hobie Mirage iEclipse inflatable stand up pedal board is a versatile and excellent choice. It is a good pick for people wishing to advance their paddling skills thanks to its inflatable design, stand-up pedal system, and MirageDrive pedal technology.


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