Hobie Sportsman SUP

Hobie Sportman SUP

As you can see in the video Ric does a great job going over how great this stand up paddle board is and everything you get. With the triple air chamber, this board is amazingly stable and it needs to be when you are getting jerked around and drug around a river or ocean by a fish. I still have to say I am a little confused as to how the camo helps you hide from fish 😉 I’m sure we all realize that it is merely a style thing, but it is still funny to me. I will be sure to write them and ask for camo blue!

Lets Look at some of the pro’s and con’s that I see with the Hobie:


  • For and inflatable board, this thing is sturdy and stable.
  • Geared towards a fisherman which most boards are not.
  • Comes with everything you need (don’t have to go out and buy more stuff to use it)
  • Hobie has a great reputation and customer service!


  • The backpack to me is a little big and clunky, I would personally like something with a little more style and comfort if I were to pack this up into the hills to a remote lake. I think that it is a fair request when I am shelling out $1,300 for and inflatable board.
  • Can I get a color other than camo green? I am in water 🙂
  • The price. Not all inflatables are inexpensive, but I suppose this does come with a lot. Just my personal peeve with it.


If you are really into Supping and fishing, than this should meet all your needs and standards. Hobie delivers great products and has great customer service. A safe buy in my personal opinion. If you are interested in the current price and availability, just head over to our Hobie stand up paddle boards for sale page and find out more.

Overall summary
  • Hobie Sportsman SUP Review


I still see a few areas that can be improved on to cater to more people like myself like color and the backpack, but overall this is a really great board for anyone who loves fishing!

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