Hobie Adventure Inflatable SUP Review

Hobie Inflatable Sport Stand Up Paddle board Review

My objective was to stay upright on my initial frigid river work on a Hobie inflatable stand paddle board, specifically given that the Upper Verde River by Camp Verde, Arizona was just running really cold that morning. Yikes! I did take care of everything so to remain upright provided there were some small swells, as well as my fin scratching things every so often.

I was impressed by the strength of that inflatable board, and also recognized what a great board to have in our quiver in this diverse Arizona atmosphere. I used to have a 10′ 6 design, so I have recently updated to the 2017 10′ 8′ Adventure. My hubby Tom has the 2016 12′ 6″ Scenic tour. We love that the updated functions seem to be more user friendly and just plain better.

picture of an inflatable Hobie Stand up paddle board package

There are a lot of reasons these Hobie iSUPs benefit us. They feature a slide-in, snap-in fin, 3-piece paddle, pump with gauge, a repair work set, and a knapsack with wheels for airline company trips. The inflatables have 4 handgrips: at the nose, tail and on both side rails. These remain in enhancement to the comfortable carry take care of, in the center of the board. We use them for packing, tethering to a pal when we are doing fixed exercise, or for carrying with an additional individual. It likewise comes with substantial storage space bungees towards the front deck, as well as at the tail. We utilize them for our flip flops, clipping-in a cooler, gear or headlamps.

Being safe is a concern to any kind of paddler or water individual. I like the intense blaze orange shade on the nose of the brand-new iSUP boards, so we continue to be noticeable to approaching boat. The free blue red stripe along the rail and deck and also sleek black as well as white vertical strip down the deck, were terrific updates on the 10′ 8. Classy looking iSUP in my eyes!
The 10’8″ Adventure iSUP weighs in at 27 pounds and is also also super stable because of being 32 inches wide. Tom can load this with gear easily. No worry on long runs or extended trips.
My close friend Amber bought a 10’8″ this year as well. She states it is ideal to take down the river. Its great stability makes it great for SUP yoga exercise on the lake, another obsession of hers. Not to mention there is plenty of room for all her equipment, even her canine Dixi! It is light enough she could conveniently get it on top of her Subaru despite the fact that she is only 5’2 “.”Having its very own bag-with wheels-storing as well as taking a trip with it is a breeze! I could not speak enough on just how much I love this board,” she says.


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Overall Review
  • Hobie Adventure ISUP 10'8"


Great board for the price. Comes with everything you need and easy to use. I can travel easily with this and not need racks on my car which is nice. Hobie makes a great product and I see why a lot of people buy these now.

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