Hornet Watersports Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle Review

So I was lucky enough to have been contacted by Hornet Watersports to test out one of their SUP paddles. I basically got to choose what I wanted to test and they would send it to me. As soon as I saw their collection, I was all over the full carbon fiber SUP paddle.

As some of you may know, I have not had the best of luck or opinions of carbon fiber paddles in the past, but I never give up hope. I’m glad I didn’t give up hope, because this paddle lived up to my wants and needs from a carbon fiber paddle!

hornet sup paddleThe black carbon fiber stand up paddle board paddle by Hornet Water Sports will run you about $189.00 plus shipping.

You are given the following size options for this paddle:

I got the 84 SQ 2 Piece. I’m not the biggest fan of 3 piece as it just gives one more area for the paddle to flex. I can see needing one for travel, but most of my playing is done locally and there is no need to break a paddle down that far for me.
When I first got the paddle it was very well boxed and packaged. It came with some cool stickers and is visually appealing to me. Simple logo on the blade and name down the shaft. We really just want to see carbon fiber on this anyway, no need to dress it up.
As most carbon paddles are, this thing is crazy light which is why I love it so much! The real question is always, does it flex under heavy paddling and is the blade formed right so it doesn’t oscillate like I have had other carbon paddles do to me? I am happy to say that this one can take a load and doesn’t oscillate and stays fairly sturdy under heavy paddling. Is it completely 100% rigid under heavy strain? No. Is it enough flex to make me not like it? No. It flexes very little at all. But there is a little, so I feel I need to let people know. But to be pair, almost any paddle flexes under a hard paddle other than a solid wood or metal paddle. My 2 piece Bravo aluminum flexes a little as well. It is just the nature of a lighter, hollow paddle.
Where Do I Rate This Paddle?
So compared to other paddles that I own and use, where would I rate this one and why? I would say that this is my new go to paddle. Mainly because it is light so I can rip with it. Also, because it looks cool. It also paddles really good and just feels right.
I have no idea about it’s durability. I am a little concerned about the locking system as it looks like it could be a weak point. I guess we will find out in time. the handle feels really nice in your hand as you paddle. There is little to no downside about it. It checks all the boxes I want in a paddle.
As far as the price goes, it is fair. Not great, but fair. I have paid $150 for a nice aluminum paddle before, so $189.00 for an all carbon paddle seems good to me. You will have this paddle for a while, so it is worth it. I would buy this over an aluminum for sure, but that is just my taste. To each their own.
That about wraps it up for my take on the carbon fiber Hornet SUP paddle. If you have any questions or comments, please be sure to ask them below. Please be sure to check out our other SUP reviews and blogs 😁.


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