Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For Sale

I have personally noticed that there are a lot of new inflatable paddle boards on the market, so I wanted to just go over 2 of them really quick. I wanted to give an inexpensive option (which I am asked about a lot!) and one all around great inflatable that is super durable. These seem to be the 2 biggest factors that I see people ask about lately, so here you go…


#1 Pathfinder Inflatable SUP 

The Pathfinder is about your lowest budget entry point into an inflatable stand up paddle board when you need to save a few bucks.

Best For: Getting started on a budget

Lets take a look at some of the details:pathfinder-inflatable-sup

  • It Measures 9’9″ in length by 30″ wide and is 5″ thick
  • Great for general open water paddle boarding use.
  • Amazingly Durable – Tough PVC material with a strong multi-layer drop stitch
  • Large padded deck, D-ring for your leash, and a bungee for securing extra cargo.
  • Includes: Pump, aluminum adjustable paddle, detachable center fin, valve wrench, and a carrying bag (with shoulder straps).

The Verdict: Lowest price point inflatable paddle board!

PRICE $349.00




#2 Isle Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board

This is a super lightweight inflatable which is great for packing around or if you have to hike a ways to get to your destination. It is ultra durable, handles a good amount of weight (240 lbs) and comes with a 30 day full return policy.

Best For: durable travel board.

Lets look at some more specks and details:

  • Dimentions: 10′ x 31″ x 6″. It is up to 30% Lighter (Only 18.6 Lbs.) and Stiffer along with more durable. 
  • Has an all around design so it is great for flat water, small waves, or river runs.
  • Can support riders up to 240 Pounds.
  • Deck bungee for extra gear with a nose mounted handlece!
  • Super high durability! No worries about damage or dings. You can run it over with a car, throw it off a cliff or ram it into a piling, the military grade material is almost impossible to damage.
  • Comes with: 3 piece adjustable aluminum Paddle, travel carry pack, high pressure pump with gauge, removable fin and  a repair kit.
  • 30 DAY RIDE AND LOVE IT GUARANTEE – Ride it and Love it or Return it! If you don’t love your board we will take it back! We stand behind every product we make 100%!

The Verdict: Great all around board that is durable!

PRICE $695.00


Hope this helps, as always, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions below…


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