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BoardsTypeLengthInflatable/ SolidOverall RatingPrice
Irocker Inflatable All-AroundAll-Around11'0"Inflatable$$$
Irocker Inflatable CruiserAll-Around10'6"Inflatable$$$

Our iRocker Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Paddle boarding is a wonderful sport. Not only is it a great way to get in shape and connect with nature, but it can also be super relaxing and fun…at least if you have the right gear.

One paddle board that is truly great and that you absolutely cannot go wrong with is any of the iRocker Paddleboards. Available in various styles and types, this board, no matter which particular model that you happen to choose, is the end all and be all when it comes to paddleboarding in style, grace, and comfort. This board has so many amazing features, but you can’t really experience them for yourself unless you try it out first!

One of the first things to love about this particular product is its strong, sturdy design. These paddleboards are not made to be something that you use once or twice and then toss out like so many other models on the market. Instead, they are designed to be incredibly durable and long lasting, so much so that they can typically stand up to years of the roughest use. Furthermore, not only are they designed to simply last, but they are designed to “last well,” meaning that you should never encounter a decrease in performance or quality no matter how old your paddleboard gets and no matter how many times you use it or even how roughly you use it.

Truly, the quality level of these boards is not just a “gimmick.” That’s an easy enough thing to prove anyway just by consdering the weight capacity, which is close to 400 pounds! Could a poorly made, ineffective paddleboard really handle that much weight? Of course not!

It is not just the weight capacity that serves to demonstrate the quality of these boards either. No, these boards are also designed in such a way that they minimize drag on each and every water adventure that you choose to go on…or that you happen to be roped into if you have a true adventurer’s spirit. This feature of the iRocker paddle board will ensure a safe and smooth ride each and every time guaranteed, which is certainly not a guarantee that you will find with any other comparably priced board that is on the market today, or, really, with any other board, period, that is on the market today.

Another nice feature of these boards, though it is somewhat dependent on the exact iRocker board that you purchase and where you purchase it from, is that you still typically get many great accessories to go along with your board and to help you to enjoy it even more. In fact, even if your particular package does not come with these accessories, you can find same brand compatible accessories easily and at an affordable price. Some great and fully compatible accessories that will often come with your board or that can easily be purchased include:

  • An adjustable fiberglass 3 piece paddle
  • Carry all backpack for easier, more secure transportation of your board from one location to the next
  • A dual action hand pump for the inflatable models
  • 2 year warranty

You will also find that almost all of these paddle board models come with a money back guarantee. This means that if, for any reason, you are not completely and totally satisfied with your board you may send it back for a full refund. Because a lot of the best prices we recommend are on Amazon, this gives you that protection. The exact amount of time that you have to “make good” on your warranty will vary depending on whether you purchased it here or somewhere else, but you probably won’t need the warranty because these boards are so rarely returned due to the quality build.

As you can see, iRocker makes a pretty great paddle board compared to a lot of others out there. If you think that it could be the right board for you, then do not hesitate to go and check out your local shop and see if they might have any for rent so you can really get a feel. Then, if it feels right for you, come back here and let us help you find one at the best price with a warranty and good return policy to keep yourself protected. Hope that helps out!

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Overall Review
  • Irocker Paddle Boards


Irocker makes really great paddle boards especially when it comes to inflatables. Their warranty is great and you get everything you need at a reasonable price for what you get. I am happy to support these paddle boards.

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