Paddle Boards Versus Pedal Boards – Which Is Better?

Stand up paddle boards are a mainstream craze for lake ocean and river enthusiasts alike. To add even another element they have now created a stand-up pedal board. You might be asking yourself, which is best for you? So let’s break down the different types and different uses for each board and style.

Different Types of SUP Boards:

Stand Up Paddle Board:

Isle Soft Top

The first creation of them all as well as the most popular due to price and availability. The board pictured to the right is a very standard paddle board that you will most likely see the most of for recreation. It is the widest version of the 3 we will go over and tends to be the most stable for side to side movement and beginners. They offer multiple lengths for men, women, and even children. The variety of paddles are almost endless, and you can purchase one from any sporting goods store or even from Amazon. By clicking the picture you will be able to search the cost and availability for the board pictured.

Stand Up Pedal Boards:

pedal boarding

Pedal boards are very new to the market and use your feet like a stair step machine to propel the board forward.To change direction, all you have to do is squeeze the levers on the built-in handlebar and it will guide you left or right. This board will be heavier and thicker, so transportation will not be as easy as with the standard paddle board. They are also very expensive at the moment as they are brand new to the market. Also see our main pedal boards sales page.

Let’s take a look at the different styles of boards that are available:

4 Different Styles Of Paddle Boards To Choose From:

  1. Recreational stand up paddle boards (aka SUP):  These are the most stable boards and have a lot of surface volume to work with. They are very maneuverable which helps if you are a beginner or average SUP boarder. This is the basis that the pedal boards were built from so they are similar in many ways.  Available as Pedal, Paddle or Hybrid boards. Also see our paddle boards for sale page.
  2. Surf paddle boards: These boards are shorter and narrower which give it quick maneuverability for the ocean and river. These boards are the least stable of the bunch for obvious reasons. If you want quick turning capabilities, you have to sacrifice somewhere. Available as paddle boards only.
  3. Touring paddle boards: These are the biggest boards of them all. Thick and long, great for ocean tours and racing. The most stable of all 3 SUP styles by far.  Because of the length, turning is not near as easy as the other 2 styles of paddle boards. these are available in pedal boards as well.
  4. Pedal boards:  The only current model that is available is the Mirage Eclipse from Hobbie. It comes in two sizes and colors. The slightly smaller Mirage Eclipse is 10’6″ in length and 33 1/2″ wide, while the larger board is 12′ in length and 35″ wide. This puts the Mirage Eclipse board in the same size range as a standard recreational board. It is very stable and easy to maneuver. This is great for both newbies and seasoned Pros. Keep in mind that the Mirage Eclipse is a hybrid SUP, meaning that you can easily use this as a standard paddle board or convert it to a pedal board by either removing the handle bars and pedals, or leaving them on and using it as a standard pedal board.


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