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Stand Up Paddleboard Review Company Announces Biggest Sale of 2019

SUP Boards Review is your online hub for all things stand up paddle boarding. The company, founded by a passionate SUPer, reviews any and all paddle boards, paddle board accessories, paddle board equipment, and more. If it has to do with stand up paddle boarding, chances are they’ve tested and reviewed it! The idea for SUP Boards Review originated when the founder was searching for the best stand up paddle board for personal use, but found it difficult to sift through all of the sales driven companies and find real, honest reviews. Since launching in 2015, they have tested and reviewed dozens of boards and SUP equipment and accessories. They also have an extensive blog covering everything from paddle board car accessories, to the best boards for kids, women, and more. They have also been able to affiliate with multiple companies and help direct new, and veteran SUPers to the best equipment available on the market. 

Depending on how you want to use your paddle board, there are tons of different lengths, widths, styles, etc. to choose from. Before purchasing, consider what you will use your paddle board for most. The most popular uses are generally for SUP surfing, cruising, racing, fishing, and for yoga on the water. For stand up paddle board surfing, you’ll likely want a wide board with a large nose, and when simply cruising calm waters on your SUP you’ll veer more towards a wide, thick board as the extra weight helps them be more buoyant when moving at slow speeds. SUP racers should look for long, narrow boards for speed and those that are looking to fish off of their board should aim for boards that are wider, flat, and easy to balance on. Similar to cruising boards, those looking to practice yoga on the water should look for boards that are wide, flat, and heavy to help them stay balanced during position transitions and to help reduce chances of falling in. More info on the different ways you can stand up paddle board can be found on their website. 

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SUP Boards Review is committed to giving only the best, and most accurate reviews on paddle boards and SUP equipment. Whether or not a board or accessories are sent directly from the manufacturer, their  reviews are never fake, or swayed by the providing companies. Now that we are officially halfway through 2019, is offering up to 60% off select past years models. During this limited time sale, you can save up to $1,727 on the best Stand Up Paddle boards, paddles, and bundles. Choose from top rated companies like Boardworks, Lakeshore, KIALOA and so many more. Whether you are new to the stand up paddle boarding world, or a veteran, SUP Boards Review is a valuable source of information for everyone.