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bravo sup paddle

Bravo SUP Paddle

When you buy a paddle board, it doesn’t always come with a paddle. In my case, I was given a few boards and was not given any paddles. This causes a dilemma if you want to take multiple friends out to go SUPing.

The solution is to obviously go buy a paddle, but there are so many to choose from! There are:

  • Carbon fiber paddles
  • Aluminum paddles
  • 2 piece paddles
  • 3 piece paddles
  • Wood paddles
  • Plastic paddles

So what is good? Well, I went out and got a Bravo paddle to find out. That way I spend the money so you don’t have to.

My Thoughts On It

The paddle is sturdy, easy to adjust and solid all around. It is a little heavy compared to newer paddles and especially carbo fiber paddles. One of the advantages of this paddle though is that it doesn’t flew much if at all under heavy stress. The end of the paddle feels good in the hands and it honestly didn’t cost too much. So many paddles can run a lot of money these days ($100-$200). You can find a similar model to this paddle for about $40-50 like the Supply Company paddle here.

For weekend warrior boarding or to just have an extra paddle for friends or family, this is a good paddle.

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