Tahoe SUP Bliss Paddle Board Review

Tahoe SUP Bliss Paddle Board















  • Looks Great
  • Very Fast
  • Super Light Weight!
  • Durable
  • Turns Great
  • Lots Of D-Plugs


  • Tips Easily
  • Not For Beginners
  • No Upper Deck Pad

Tahoe SUP 11′ 6″ Bliss Paddle Board Review

a picture of a tahoe sup bliss

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Tahoe SUP to examine and evaluate some of their paddleboards. I was super stoked and excited to ride them all. The first was the PaddleCraft and then we covered the Zephyr, now we are on to the Tahoe Bliss.

As you know by now, I do not claim to be a professional paddle boarder, I am a daily rider and enthusiast who just loves to paddle board. I do all of my reviews based on just being an everyday user which most viewers are and I simply give you all my thoughts concerning the board from a “day-to-day” viewpoint.

Unboxing The Bliss

Now the board did come fully padded with foam and a cardboard wrap but I had already taken it off for the picture.

On the side of the box you will find a new 10″ Tahoe SUP fin which comes with all the boards (I believe). Along with the board they included a Tahoe SUPack backpack for me to try out as well as a Tahoe SUP Leash.

The Tahoe Bliss Board Specs:

  • Dimensions: 11’6″ long x 29″ wide
  • Construction: PINEWOODtech
  • Max Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Board Weight: 24 pounds
  • Fin setup: 10″ Single
  • Deck plug setup: Front / Back

a picture of the bottom of a tahoe sup bliss

What Is PINEWOODtech Construction?

PINEWOODtech is Tahoe SUP’s creation which is an epoxy lamination that has genuine pinewood sheets that are attached with each other, then vacuumed together over an EPS foam core. The natural grain appearance of the PINEWOODtech offers it the look they have actually been recognized for in their paddle boards. The technology likewise produces a really light board as well as great functional on the water while still offering great durability and rigidity at the exact same time.

My First Thoughts Of The SUP

a picture of a tahoe bliss paddle board handle“It is PINK!…man, a girl would really love this board.” Those are honestly my first thoughts. Then, after grabbing it to pick it up I was thinking, “man, this thing is light!”

It is a pretty board with a great design and very eye catching. If looks can perform, than this board does it.

Color And Design Thoughts

My niece REALLY loved the color of it….Go figure… and she was very surprised and mentioned how light it is. It really feels and looks like an expensive board.

The sunken deck look is awesome and the lines on the board are just so sexy.

The board is roughly 5″ thick and then tapers down to 2″ in the tail. It is not a very wide board (only 30″) which makes it a little harder to balance on. Keep in mind that this is a touring sup, so it is designed narrower to achieve more speed and would be for a more advanced boarder although clearly a beginner can use it as well.

Is The Deck Pad Any Good?

The deck pad is just like the Zephyr, very nice, great grip, and soft but not too soft. It just feels good on the feet and it cleans right off if you get it dirty which typically happens. The colors are nice and the pad design is pretty cool and goes well with the board.

bliss sup picture

 So How Does The Bliss SUP Perform?

Well, this board is better suited for a woman, so I had my niece ride it and give me her opinion on it.

She is not a very experienced paddle boarder so I figured this would be a great test honestly. I already know how I feel about the Zephyr which is pretty much the same board only a foot longer, so it is great to get a second opinion from a beginners point of view for a different insight.

I was pretty surprised honestly as she stood right up and had no trouble paddling around. I hopped on the Paddlecraft right beside her and she was going faster than me even with lighter strokes. We were even heading into the wind.

She could turn and move just fine but she did notice that it was harder to balance on than a wider board. It was fast though so there is a little give and take with this one.

Is It Fast?

Let talk about the speed! This is built to be a touring paddle board, so it is designed for performance and speed. Even with my niece being just a beginner, she could pick up some great speed on this board. This board really goes places when you want it to.

Overall Thoughts On The Bliss Paddleboard

The performance of this board is great. If you are an experienced paddle board and you are looking for a little more performance and speed out of a SUP, then this is a great step up from your average wider lake paddle board. It looks awesome, it is super light, really fast, and the turning is fast as well. It has plenty of built in deck plugs to attach your gear to and it seems to be pretty tough and durable although I don’t have a lot of long term testing with it yet.

Final Thoughts 

I really want to thank Tahoe SUP for trusting me with their boards and giving my honest opinion about them. All three of their boards I got to test out are great. That being said, I wouldn’t suggest starting off with this board if you are new to paddle boarding. I’m also not sure if it would be good for yoga paddle boarding because of the balance of it, but I would suggest it for someone looking to get more performance from a SUP.

You can get more information and the current price of the Bliss here.

If you have a board you would like us to review, please email or contact us to get more information.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our reviews and be sure to comment and ask any questions you have below in the chat!



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