Tahoe SUP SUPack Backpack Review

Tahoe SUPack Backpack













  • Water resistant
  • Lots of room and pockets
  • Has a paddle pocket
  • Nice looking
  • Functional
  • Good material


  • Only one color option
  • Not as comfortable as a regular back pack

My Review Of The Tahoe SUPack Paddle Board Backpack

I just want to start by thanking Tahoe SUP for sending this bag along with a few boards to test and review. I was not paid in any way for this review, so I will be completely honest how I feel about it.

So the SUPack (paddle board backpack/ bag) seemed really cool to me. I had never used a paddle board bag before this, so it was a first for me.

To start, it looks really cool and I like the neutral colors as it would go with any of my boards without clashing too badly.

I’ll put their video below to quickly show some of it’s uses:

So Is This Paddle Board Bag Any Good?

Let me roll out my thoughts as to what I am looking for a SUP deck bag then get into more details:

a picture of a sup deck bagIs it appealing? – Yes I think it looks good. Obviously it would be great to have lots of color options to fit our own personality, but if there could only be one color and style, this one looks good and is safe with just about anything.

Does it have pockets that I need? – Yes, There is a pocket for my phone so I can still see it. It has a few places for water bottles of different sizes. It has a slip for your paddle to slide in if you want to lay it on your board and not fall off. Finally it has a nice big center section to pile quite a few clothes or maybe a floatation device or lifejacket.

Does it mount well to the board? – Yes, the hold downs are fairly easy to apply, but your board will need deck plugs to be able to use them. I suppose you could just stuff this under a regular deck net if that is all your board has.

How water resistant is it? – Ahhh, that was one of the main questions I had. There is a difference between water proof and water resistant. This bag is water resistant. I did test it however to see how “water proof” it is.

What I did was I took it out and then flipped the board upside down with the bag still on it for about 5-6 seconds. I did this because this is something that could happen and it is good to know just how protected your stuff is.

My results were that some water did penetrate all the pockets. Now, it wasn’t that bad considering it was submerged for a few seconds and this in no way claims to be water proof. (see the picture)

As you can see my shirt got a little wet, but again, this is worst case scenario and please note that this isn’t designed to be water proof, I just did extreme case scenario testing. 

Just regular splashing and water coming off my paddle has no effect or penetration on this bag whatsoever so I would say that it is great for what it is which is “water resistant”. My test is just a little extreme 🙂

Over All Thoughts On The SUP Deck Bag

If you have deck plugs on your board and bag for your paddle board, this is a good bag and reasonably priced. Even with me flipping my board over and submerging the bag, things didn’t get that wet, so you would still be able to have mostly dry stuff which other bags I have seen probably would have gotten your stuff completely wet! I like all the pockets, color, and the fact that you can wear this as a backpack as well. It’s a good design and good bag if you need one.

a picture of a tahoe supack paddle board bag

Final Thoughts

This was just my opinion on the SUP bag, so be sure to check it out for yourself here, or, leave your thoughts or questions below that you might have and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Also, be sure to read our articles on The Tahoe SUP Paddlecraft, the Zephyr SUP, and the Tahoe Bliss paddle board review.

Thanks for reading and go enjoy the water!

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