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Our Review On Ten Toes Paddle Boards

BoardsTypeLengthInflatable/ SolidOverall RatingPrice
Ten Toes NanoAll-Around/ Surf8'0"Inflatable$$$
Ten Toes WeekendedAll-Around10'0"Inflatable$$$
Ten Toes GlobeTrotterTouring12'0"Inflatable$$$$
Ten Toes JetsetterTouring/ Ocean14'0"Inflatable$$$$

Getting on the water just got easier with Ten Toes’ line of inflatable stand up paddle boards. With their compact storing capabilities and minimal, user friendly gear, this full range of paddle boards has the right fit for every water enthusiast. Ten Toes offers boards with removable fin(s) and lengths ranging from 8 to 14 feet allowing you to hit the water for pleasure and speed.

Ten Toes Board Emporium is proud to produce a versatile, quality line of inflatable stand up paddle boards (ISUP). These paddle boards are constructed of military-grade PVC chosen to be puncture resistant and durable with frequent use. Their confidence in the craftsmanship of their boards is backed by a 50 day money back guarantee and insured with a 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Lets Take A Look At The Board Lineup:

a picture of a ten toes nano SUP

The Nano 8 Foot

The Nano 8 foot board is the preferred choice for young paddlers and petite adults. The shorter length allows the paddler more flexibility when navigating. Fully compact, measuring eleven inches by 30 inches when deflated and rolled, the Nano board takes up little space in your cargo and can easily be carried.

Due to its size, the Nano board is very stable and perfect for the beginner paddler. The body of the board is constructed of tough PVC while the standing platform consists of EVA foam creating a textured surface for gripping. Though the Nano is the base model of Ten Toes’ paddle board line, it offers an affordable option for those new to paddle-boarding.

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a picture of ten toes weekended inflatable stand up paddle board

Weekender 10 Foot

Next up, the bestselling, best all around Weekender 10 foot inflatable paddle board. This board was created with both the water hobbyist and the athlete in mind being fit for leisurely trips and full body workout sessions. Like all of the inflatable stand up paddle boards by Ten Toes, this one comes with a fully adjustable aluminum paddle with a three piece handle for easy break down and storage.

The Weekender 10 foot stand up paddle board is available in a wide variety of colors including; blue, green, red, black and grey. Set up and breakdown of this board could not be easier. The inflate time of the Weekender is less than 10 minutes, leaving you more time playing and less time preparing. This board deflates quickly into a roll that is easily packed and transported.

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a picture of ten toes globe trotter paddle board

Globetrotter 12 Foot

Built for speed, Ten Toes’ Globetrotter 12 foot inflatable stand up paddle board delivers an agile board for the more experienced paddler. The pointed nose of the Globetrotter ensures quick efficient paddling through flat water or waves. Designed to cut through the water and glide, the Globetrotter 12 foot board is the next level in stand up paddle boarding.

This board is six inches thick when fully inflated, which provides structure and stability while preforming. The Globetrotter can support a paddle of up to 250 pounds while retaining its shape. Compact and sleek, Ten Toes’ touring board is perfect for the stand up paddle boarding sportsman or sportswoman.

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a picture of ten toes jetsetter inflatable sup

Jetsetter 14 Foot

Ten Toes’ recommends this racing inflatable stand up paddle board for advance paddlers. The Jetsetter 14 foot paddle board is both strong and stable. As with all Ten Toes’ boards, quality military-grade PVC form the inflatable body while lightweight textured EVA foam lines the standing platform for comfort and balance. This model has just one removable fin allowing the paddler increased forward propulsion with every movement.

As with all Ten Toes’ inflatable stand up paddle boards, each Jetsetter comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle, quick inflating manual pump, repair kit and removable fiberglass fin. At the nose, this board offers on water storage with four stainless steel D-rings stretched with durable bungee cords to hold your extra gear. This top of the line inflatable stand up paddle board goes easy on the wallet without sacrificing quality you can trust.

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Ten Yeses for Ten Toes

It is easy to see why Ten Toes has one of the highest reputations in the industry for delivery durable, compact stand up paddle boards for every user. This company believes in its products and backs every purchase with warranties for the conscious consumer. Lack of space no longer stands in your way of heading out onto the open water and enjoying the world of stand up paddle boarding. Ten Toes’ line of inflatable stand up paddle-boards encourages everyone from the newbie to the experienced racer to give them a try and see for yourself the many adventures that await you on your new board.

Overall Review
  • Ten Toes Paddle Board Review


Overall Ten Toes is a solid board company. I was generous giving it a 4.5, but there is just something that would make me choose a Peak or Isle inflatable over these. Could just be my personal preference and I like that looks better. In the end, these are still great boards and will just come down to your own personal preference.

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