What Are The Best Stand Up Paddle Boards?

Featuring the Best of the Best Stand-Up Paddle Boards

When it comes to an outing on water, there is really only one option to go with that is enjoyable. Stand-up paddle boards are a great way to enjoy any water adventure. 

But the question in a lot of us tends to rise up….what is the best? What is the top of the line Paddleboard on the market? What makes it so great? Well we give you our answers to those questions.

Here are some of the best options to pick from when you want the best and money is no object:

#1: Naish Crossover

One of the best paddle board brands available is Naish. They have made paddle boards for years, and they have become masters of their craft. This model is made of SUP construction, and it has a great drop stitch for added durability and structure. This structure is enhanced by the hybrid skin, which further adds shape to the board. It also has a double rail construction that is meant to increase impact resistance. The seams are reinforced by SelyTech KS-1 adhesive. The greatest part of this model is that it can be easily packed up and taken on the go without having to worry about taking up too much space. This model is made for a longboard technique that can be used in the medium ranking surf with safety. It is perfect for treading lakes and rivers with ease. AT the same time, it can also be converted into a windsurfing board, too.

Board Specs:

  • 9′ 10″ Length (longer sizes available)
  • 30″ Width
  • 6″ thickness
  • Board Weight: 24.8 lbs
  • Max Rider Weight: 210 lbs


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#2: Naish 2015 Glide Air

Naish also makes another model that is perfect for stand-up paddle boarding. This model is made with drop stitch space yarn, and it features urethane protection. It has EF polymer construction. This model weighs in at about 24.47 pounds, and it measures around 11.5 inches by 34.9 inches, making it one of Naish’s larger models. It is designed for paddle boarders who are looking for a user-friendly board that is versatile when it comes to cruising and long-distance touring. The six-inch thick board is great for rigidity, so it is rather supportive for a smooth gliding experience. It does not chop through the water like larger boards do.

Board Specs:

  • 11’5″ Length
  • 34″ Width
  • Board weighs 24.47 lbs
  • Max Rider Weight: 230 lbs


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Best Family Fun Board: Mistral Big-SUP Inflatable iSUP 

This model by Mistral is also an inflatable board. It measures 18 feet by 5 feet by 8 inches thick. It can hold from six to eight people on board with ease. It is ideal for families to enjoy the water with. It was originally designed for competitive team racing of two teams with up to ten people each. This model is great for making memories with family members in the water that will last a lifetime. It is proven to be an instant attraction at water sport events, so it is also great for team building activities within companies, too. This model has taken Europe by storm in recent years, so it can be a great impact on events. It has three single fins that are part of its thruster system. It is rather heavy at 73.5 pounds, though, so it is not meant to be used by one or two people due to its size and weight.

Board Specs:

  • 18 foot Length!!
  • 5 foot Width
  • 73.5 lbs of board weight
  • Max Load: 6-8 people!!! Crazy!

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Best All Around Board: Pau Hana Oahu

This model is 9 feet and 5 inches in Length. It is also 32 inches wide, which means it is great for beginners and experienced paddle boarders. It can hold up to 263 pounds total. This model is made of EPS foam at the core with an fiberglass/ epoxy resin shell as well as carbon fiber added for a durable board. It weighs only 26.5 lbs so it is easy to haul around for a solid board. It has a beautiful Bamboo top for stunning good looks when it is not in the water. This is great for everything from flat water, to small ocean surf, to rivers, and even yoga. It has a three fin setup with a five-box setup as well to customize for quad, thruster or single-fin configurations. This is an all around amazing board.

Board Specs:

  • 9’5″ Length
  • 32″ Width
  • 26.5 lbs in weight
  • Max Rider Weight: 263 lb

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Best Touring Board: Surftech Sport Touring TEKefx 

This 12′ 6″ paddle board is a true ocean cruiser. Whether it is paddling on a smooth lake, drifting a lazy river, or busting through some ocean chop, Surftech’s TEKefx SUP is always ready to go. It is light and  a very responsive SUP. It also gives you a good hull displacement for good glide, stability, efficiency and high speed for long distance paddling and day touring. The deck sports a beautiful bamboo top so it always looks good.


Construction Specs Include:

  • Foam core with a fiberglass bamboo top
  • 12’6″ length
  • 32″ width
  • 35 lbs

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Best Race Board: Surftech Bark Dominator Sup Pro Elite Paddle Surfboard


Pro Elite Construction for the lightest weight race boards on the market. Utilizing Biaxial/Carbon bottom and Epoxy/Fiberglass high density foam top wrapping around Surftech’s Exclusive Water Tight Fused Cell EPS Core.

Surftech’s Pro Elite Construction is the Ultimate for Race Board Enthusiast.

Shaped for YOU by legendary race shaper Joe Bark. Bark designs has won more paddle races than any other brand period. Great in all conditions, flat water, waves, and in open-ocean swell.

Some Specs Include:

  • 14’0″ Length
  • 28″ Width
  • 7.36 Thickness
  • Single Fin Setup

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My Personal Favorite: Naish 2015 Nalu GT

Naish holds so many high spots for a reason. With this board, you have got yourself one strong, lightweight paddle board. The GT is built with a full wood sandwich with an outside glass matrix top and bottom. It also has  a glass reinforced half deck around the footing area for extra stability as well as a more rigid platform for improved balance. The GT boards in general are stronger and lighter than most boards which make them worth every penny of the price. When you want the best and are after a brand new board, the GT is it. Once you ride one,  you will never go back.

Some Specs:

  • 10’6″ Length (longer sizes available)
  • Width 32″ 81.3 cm
  • Thickness 4 3/8″ 11.1 cm
  • Weight GT:29.1lb/13.2kg GS:30.9lb/14kg
  • Max Rider Wt. 240lbs/109kg

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There are plenty of stand-up paddle boards available on the market, but these are some of the best!  Super solid designs and ability to stand up to the hardest conditions. They are all durable and among an elite crowd of boards because of their performance and price. 

Overall Review
  • Best Boards On The Market


These are some of the best you can buy. Everyone has their own opinion, but many would agree that this list has some of the best in their categories on the market today.

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